October 11, 2011

More montessori baby room updates!

We've made some updates to T's room that are working out beautifully!

1) Stuffed animal storage: If it doesn't fit shoved in here, it doesn't stay in our house. Plus, they are the perfect height for T to grab them and talk to them then put them back!

2) Child Safe Frames - Family pictures: See the frames to the left of the animals? Turner has been obsessed with my new family pics and points and says "see it" which then requires me to pick him up and show him the pictures. I thought he needed his own.

We took some ikea frames and heavy duty sticky velcro and stuck them to the walls (the velcro is so we can change out the pictures). It is strong enough that he can't pull them down and hurt the frames or himself, and you can't see it!

3) Glass Dog Nightlight: How fantastic is this dog? How much more fantastic is he when I tell you that he lights up? This is T's nightlight. We found him at an estate sale. I love him. I am terrified that since he's like 50 years old he's going to explode, but Bubbs swears he's safe. The light he gives off is gloriously mellow low light.

4) 3D Fisherman Painting: This painting. Well. It really speaks for itself.

5) Ikea globe light: T's room doesn't come with an overhead light, so we had to find lamps. This one is fantastic. The light is really pretty and its bright enough for stories when it is dark out.

His room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Not only because it is calming compared to the rest of the chaos, but because we get great time together in there...and, everything is safe.


  1. Hi! Could we feature your room on Bedstart (

  2. Where did you get the cubbies? We're redoing my 16 MOs room to be Montessori friendly, since he never uses it as it but i'm actually having a hard time finding cubbies that don't look like they will collapse with a small shake. TIA

  3. Hi Evie! They are from ikea - the expedit series. They seem super steady. I'm not sure where you live, but they are on craigslist all the time in San Francisco.

    Good luck!

  4. Hello there, do you by any chance know the artist that did the four season tree print you have in your photos? Any information would be most welcome. Thank you.

  5. I wish we knew! So sorry! We picked it up in a warehouse thrift store in Northern California. It isn't signed. We've sort of assumed that it was a local silk screener.

    We have been hoping to find a way to copy it somehow since the fabric is pretty dirty and falling apart.

    It was quite the find.

  6. What are you using for the bed frame here?