October 21, 2011

Taking better photographs

We have a fairly nice camera (more than a point and shoot). But not super fancy.

I need to learn how to use it, but as I'm reading up on taking better pictures, I keep seeing photos of professional lighting set ups and aluminum foil reflectors...

I try not to use my flash and use the aperture setting on the camera (I think this means allow a lot of light in?)...and I take a TON of pictures.

Any other tips? Especially for food...


  1. Hello,
    I just dropped by your blog via Appartmemnt therapy. I could give a few hints about photography. Aperture is the depth, it won't be a huge help for photos of food. As opposed to the ISO, the higher the number the more light will go into the sensor but light need to be very good and the camera stable. Usually when I want to take a picture of a plate I don't use the flash, I use a white plate and it does it. The food isn't overexposed. Au revoir! Guylaine

  2. Thanks for stopping by (and thanks for the tips)!

    Our plates are white, so I'm going to start plating things before taking pictures (that should help)! Plus, my husband does the dishes, so who cares if I use an extra :)