February 20, 2012

Getting Rid of the Bottle at 19 months

We've tried to get rid of it once before.

It resulted in vomiting.

T only takes a bottle at night before bed and in the middle of the night.

I've recently started to freak out about his teeth and never giving up the bottle, so two days ago I told him that we aren't going to have any more bottles, but if he is thirsty, he can have his special water bottle by his bed. We read stories on the couch before bedtime (rather than in bed) to change up the routine, and I repeated the no bottle thing over and over again.

Day 1:

He went to sleep no problem.

At 12:30 though - he became inconsolable. So we caved and gave him watered down milk.

During the day yesterday he ate like a maniac. More than I've ever seen - he was ravenous.

Day 2:

Nap time yesterday - no bottle - no problem.

Last night - no bottle - no problem.

1:30 - inconsolable. I wasn't going to give in though - so we got up and he ate.

Turns out dude was hungry.

He ate:
1/2 chicken breast
1/2 piece of bread
a ton of seaweed

Then fell asleep.

But woke up screaming bloody murder.

We couldn't get him to calm down.

His ear infection from three weeks ago is back.

We've been up since 1:30.

I'm exhausted.

But feel good about the no-bottle thing.

Turns out all we had to do was talk to him about it and he got it.

Oh - and feed him a lot of food right before bed. I had no idea how much he was getting out of the full fat goat's milk.

Good suggestions for easy high fat/high calorie before bed snacks?

He doesn't seem sick, does he?


  1. It was his first word :) LOVES it. Good idea - just load him up!

  2. Yeah, I second cheese... Harper needs to eat quite a bit throughout the day. Her mood is super tied into her blood sugar, so I'm always on meal or snack duty. (I joke all the time 'If I die, PLEASE someone else feed her?!' because whenever anyone else is on duty, they just don't feed her enough.)

    But cheese and apples is a good combo. Or a spoonful of peanut butter and some raisins. A smoothie with yogurt and fruit. (Could chug it while you're reading books.) Oh, we also love these whole wheat/sweet potato/cinnamon pancakes -- frozen at Whole Foods, easy to eat with their fingers and the fiber is filling (and ideal if you can pair with peanut butter or cottage cheese...) Carbs + protein keeps 'em full longer!

    Congrats on the bottle, I've heard it can be a tough battle!

  3. hi! i found my way here from thekitchn... LOVE your blog name! thanks for writing, i'll keep reading. :)

  4. Thanks! Always nice to hear from those mystical people who read my ramblings :)

  5. I am always telling people to feed him if he's cranky and OMG they never get what I mean. Like - he's ALWAYS hungry :)

    I think he would think he died and went to heaven if he got to eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

    We tried the smoothie thing and have started a smoothie or cup of milk before bed and we've had three great nights!