October 22, 2011

How your home feels

We had friends over the other night. They popped in to avoid commute traffic (they live in the burbs and we live in the city). I had just put a dinner of corn bread, beans and squash in the oven, so we had them sit down with us.

Or rather, eat between moments of chasing babies - their munchkin is a month older than T.

When they walked in, my friend said, "your house always feels amazing. You know how you walk into some people's houses and they can be cold or just 'uh'. I always love walking into your house."

I think I followed up with, "well, it could be the smell of cornbread baking" to deflect the compliment (need to work on that).

This is one of the biggest compliments someone could give.

In our Marriage Contract (which is framed and hung in the house), we promised to always have a home that was open to family and friends and to maintain a gathering place. This was important to both of us.

It makes me really happy that people feel at home and welcome in our house.

Maybe it was the cornbread OR maybe it was that we really like these friends and wanted to see them OR maybe it was the furniture arrangement...who knows. But, I like it, whatever it was.

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  1. That is such a nice comment! That is my dream/goal too...