October 4, 2011

Budget Friendly Bang for your Buck DIY Phase

Our family is about to get really frugal.

We're about to have a stay at home dad!

We love T's daycare, but when Bubbs' work situation got to be too much for our family to handle (he was gone 10 working days of 20 in September), we bit the bullet and decided that until he finds a more local job, we're cutting back.  This means taking the boy out of daycare for the time being, cutting back on date nights, wasting less, and finding joy in the small things (rather than fantastic crab dinners with fruity cocktails and fantastic new rugs).

Now, we already try to keep things cheap, so this is going to put a giant wrench in our progress.  But I'm actually looking forward to it a bit.

We have a giant 5 gallon bucket of paint in the garage that needs to take our kitchen to the next level and a ton of stuff we can do around the house that requires little to no money at all.

Plus, our organic anti-cancer eating can't stop, so we have to get even more creative, think ahead and do some serious planning to make sure we stick to our healthy way of life.

So, life will continue here...but with a whole new outlook!

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