January 26, 2011

Parenting is hard

Our nanny (we're going for a couple hours once a week before I start work) let Turner cry it out today. Which I asked her not to do. When I told her that I didn't want that happening (for the third time) she insisted it was fussing, but she called it "crying" before I called her on it.
He slept for 2 hours with 20 minutes of "a little crying" in between.

We got home and he's been sleeping for 2 hours.

I'm happy he's sleeping, but concerned that short term results may not lead to long term successes. Dr. Sears and Unconditional Parenting have really started to mess with me. I love the ideas in the book, but can they work with two working parents?

I'm insecure about my gut feelings.

Parenting is really really hard.

January 25, 2011


We're hopefully two weeks away from closing on our flat!

Tim and I slurp wine at night, sit in the happy place, and decorate in our heads :) I've had a ton of fun with and now we know what kind of sofa and furniture will fit in our new living room!

Right now we've decorated with found/thrifted stuff that I love but that will not we're slowly getting stuff together.

We've started PURGING our entire house. We've boxed up to sell any random wine glasses, tim's immense wooden bowl collection, all the clothes we don't wear anymore, and a ton of coats

At salvation arm family store (on 4th at Geary) we were donating a bunch of old clothes and crap, and happened inside on their 50% off day and found this AWESOME dining table (mid century, green varnish) with 6 chairs for $200! We still haven't gotten rid of our old dining table, but we decided we'll park on the street for a couple of weeks and store it in there. It was too good to pass up. As I was in line to buy it, a woman ran up to the register and told the clerk that she was going to buy it. I was like, "um, nope - I'm already in line." She gave me an annoyed look and tried to tell me it would be impossible to paint and re-upholster. I made Tim talk to her while I bought it :)

January 21, 2011


It looks like we're moving. This makes me so happy and so sad. I love our apartment and its views of golden gate park out the front and presidio out the back. I love all that we have done to transform it from a pit to a home that reflects us and is a retreat from the nasty world. I love my window seat "the happy place." It breaks my heart to leave the home that Turner was born in (literally, born in the back bedroom).

Our new house is in a little worse location, it is a bit smaller (but with a way better layout), and it has hideous pink tile all over the bathroom. But it will be ours. We'll own it. And Turner's grandma (bunni) is moving in upstairs. It'll be dreamy.

I can't wait to slowly pick pieces that fit our whole family. Our current apartment is not set up for babies and kids. We have hardwood sofas, not a lot of floor space, and steep death stairs. Slowly but surely we'll make this place our home...

It is literally four houses down from the one I was born in and lived in till I was 5. Which means T will be playing at the same park I did. Which is the sweetest thing I can think of.

January 3, 2011