October 4, 2011

West Elm Steals My Ideas AGAIN!

Okay, So I'm sure everyone finds their house in all the cataloges too, but my favorite thing to do when the West Elm catalog comes, is go through it with my bubbs and have him find the similarities between what he sees and our house...and have him tell me I'm a design genius.

He doesn't know that everything's a trend and I'm really just copying one thing here and another there.

This month's catalog came yesterday.

Item 1: Leggy curvy white base lamp

West Elm

Our House

(again, I get that everyone is doing this, but my husband thinks I'm aaaaahhhhhmazing).

Item 2: White boxy book case with color coordinated books

West Elm

Our House

(I don't know if we just having boring books, or they styled that to have a lot of color, but we have two rows of white and cream and like 5 squares of color).

Item 3: Wall Color, Phillipsburg Blue

West Elm:

Our House:

See that top corner paint color description?  Phillipsburg Blue - the exact color of our bedroom wall (and a friend's bedroom - I stole the color from her).

I know I'm just a follower, but I'll continue to let my hubbs thing I'm a design genius.

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