March 22, 2010

I think I hit the uncomfortable stage

Now that I'm not super duper sick all the time (thanks again to the zofran), a new kind of discomfort has appeared. My lungs are smushed, my stomach is teensy, and it feels like I'm carrying a two pound baby inside me. Oh wait.

I've gained over 20 pounds at this point. I know it's all good stuff for the baby, but carrying it around is exhausting! Walking can leave me breathless, eating wears me out, and sitting/lying/standing for any period of time gets to be painful.

People LOVE pregnant ladies - which is fun. People make eye contact and smile, hold doors, make silly polite conversation, and get so excited when we tell them we're having a boy.

My moods seem to be swinging a bit - mostly when we can't find a bathroom or I can't get what I want to eat (what's up marin county with not letting your restaurants/frozen yogurt stands/bakeries have bathrooms for the public to use - seriously not okay). Poor Tim just gives apologetic smiles to the shop keepers as I storm out to the next place trying to find some food/place to "rest".

I'm going a little nuts lately wishing I could nest, but not having a permanent "nest". Do we want to paint and do all the fun stuff to get a room ready when we might not stay here very long?

Belly shot - 24 weeks

March 15, 2010

You don't know what you've got till its gone.

and it is. My waist that is. G O N E. Flipping through photos a couple days ago there was one that I've always thought made me look horrible - but all I could see this time was how teensy my waist was :)

We're heading to LA this weekend and the weatherman says it'll be beautiful. Dare I wear a bathing suit in public right now? I always thought I'd be so down for it, but I'm a little self conscious right now.

Belly pic to be posted soon (such a hassle to upload pics).

March 1, 2010

Our social life has taken a bit of a hit since I got pregnant and sick. Now that I'm feeling a bit better (still taking my meds) I'm really trying to go out and have fun at least for Tim's sake. Poor guy misses his friends and socializing and most of the time I'm a lazy, tired, lump.

This weekend we really went all out. Friday night we were with the muffins in Sacramento. While we were all sitting around eating waffles with whipped cream (yup, when gigi's in charge, you get whipped cream on your waffles) when she lifted my shirt. I told her she could talk to Turner though my belly button. She said "Hi turner" and got a little shy and backed away. She got very excited when she realized that she and turner and rhys would all be brothers soon - yup - brothers.

We came back over Saturday morning and played and read books (Darian read us some books as well) and had a freeze dance party (our new favorite game to play when we are over there).

Dinner with friends Saturday night. So fun - we love these friends, but usually have to plan months in advance to see them b/c our weekends are so booked. It was great to have grownup time and REALLy yummy food. These friends do have good taste in wine though - so I had to miss out.

Sunday Tim was like an 8 year old boy. It was sunny outside and he just couldn't hold back his excitement to get outside and "play with his friends" as he put it. After calling a few folks, he got ahold of our friends who just closed on a house in Berkeley. We went over there and Tim got a little excited about possibilities of owning something in the east bay. I just have to keep reminding him why we live in San Francisco.

I'm exhausted now, but luckily next weekend we have NOTHING planned. And we're keeping it that way.