October 22, 2011

What happens when mama is away?

I'm working away from home this weekend.

The longest I've been without my boys.

Bubbs keeps emailing me pics.

Like this one
2011-10-21 10.35.22
sent at naptime yesterday.

Or this one
2011-10-21 15.10.52
Subject line: yelped most scenic bottle spot

I laughed inappropriately in a meeting when I saw this awesome face.

This one actually made me cry this morning because I miss my boy so much
2011-10-22 06.59.21
naked bootie breakfast

I thought I'd get a full night's sleep this morning because of no interruptions, no teething, no mama mama! at 5:45, but instead I tossed and turned all night long.


  1. oh, he is a delicious munchkin!! i'd be getting teary, too...

    i've been away from h for one night before (during hospital stays and once for a wedding) but never longer. i really want to do a 4 day meditation retreat for my 30th in february, but start getting heart palpitations thinking about it. (the wrong effect?) plus -- i don't think i'd be able to look at pics??!??! rethinking this...

    here's to getting home safe and sound!

  2. T has less separation anxiety than H (I think), but I do have to say that the few overnights I've had with my hubs have been worth it.

    Plus, when I arrived, T barely cared to see me :) I got one kiss, then he was totally normal and happy. We're all extra snuggly since I got home, but I actually think me being gone is good for all of us. My hubs knows T SO MUCH BETTER now and they have a whole "thing."

  3. oh um...i'm more worried about me actually ;) H is a pain in the bum with non-family members, but when it's cc or my mom or brother she'll throw out a few pathetic "mama mama mama?"s and then go about her business happily without me.

    she gets a lot of solo time with cc, as the weekends are generally when i say 'see ya!' and they do brunch/shopping/playground quite a bit.

    i just get the ITCH for her once i've had 12ish hours away... but. i'm sure i could do it! might just have to sneak in my cell for a few texts here and there :)