About Us

We're a family of three (mama not pictured) trying to make a 2 bedroom (now plus office!) flat work. 

We're a family of three (one more on the way) trying to make a 2 bedroom flat work.  Along with our new addition of a baby boy (March 2013), we'll be hosting an Au Pair in our garage spare room.

From renters to owners, we're learning the ropes as we go.

We're also fixing up a 120 year old cabin in the Russian River with some partners - hopefully we can get out of the fog for the summer and spend our days letting our boys be boys in the wilderness.

Our munchkin is a climber who needs constant wrangling, and our fog-surrounded 1948 mid-century flat needs some serious love.

Pre munchkin, our rental house was white and textured with beautiful hard wood furniture.  We went winetasting on the weekends and enjoyed all of what Northern California had to offer.  House projects took all weekend long and we loved every second of it.

Post Munchkin we're going all color.  We had to sell all of our furniture from our last place for softer pieces with higher shelves to avoid instant death - as our kiddo is on a constant suicide mission.  Our free time now consists of taking the little dude to fields so he can run free and trying out every park in San Francisco for climbing structures that are age appropriate.  We project during naps, late at night, and during our lunch breaks.

Slow and steady is our mantra now - but I like it that way.