October 6, 2011

Yet another LATT table love fest

So, dinner at our house has gotten much less stressful.

T doesn't spend the whole time whining in his high chair, I don't end up covered in food, and he actually EATS!

Granted, he walks in and out of the kitchen and picks at his food, but for now, I don't care.

This is really long, but I can't believe what is happening here .


  1. The video is private so I can't see it!

  2. "good boy" and good job!" you are talking to him like he is a dog. i suggest reading about Alfie Kohn. sorry. i just think that you don't mean to actually talk to your son like he is a dog.

  3. We're major fans of Alfie Kohn! Yup - always takes a LOT of work to un-learn how we were raised!