October 14, 2011

Making a Raised Bed out of Free Scrap Wood

Rather than trolling craigslist for stuff to buy, I watch for free stuff now. There was a posting for free redwood lumber, so I sent Bubbs over to pick some up.

He only came back with two pieces, but he really helped the backyard!

This is our one "unbricked" section of patio:

The dirt overflows and when you water and makes a huge mess!

So, in about 2 hours yesterday, with a saw and some screws, Bubbs made me a raised bed!

Should I paint it to add to the colorful yard or leave it shabby chic?

Other ideas?


  1. The raised bed looks so much nicer!
    In answer to your question if you should paint it... I feel that added color is added fun :)

  2. My bubbs was thrilled to get a compliment on his handiwork!

    I'm in agreement on the color! We have some yellow hanging around, so it might just get a makeover shortly!