November 30, 2010

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Sick day

Turner just got over his month long cold yesterday and here I am with another one. I know it isn't possible that I have the same cold - but it sure feels like it.

Taking care of a baby when you're sick stinks. Tim's taken some time during breaks to give me some rest, but really, its just hard.

My house is a wreck. Every night Tim and I clean it and every day by 5 it is a mess. The kitchen is a mess b/c I try to make food but can't clean up. The living room has toys all over and laundry half folded, the hall is full of stuff brought up the stairs but not put away, the bathrooms have laundry and wet washclothes on the floor.

All my orchids are dead. My succulents were dead too, but I finally threw them out.

I have lost 10 of the 60 pounds I gained when I was pregnant. Seriously - not cool. Last week I gained 5 pounds - thanks holidays.

My boy is damn cute though. Today we were reading a book on the bed and he grabbed my mouth and smiled and laughed as I read.

It is 3:00pm and he's down for the night. Which means a 4:30 wake up for us. Heaven.

November 17, 2010


Not sure if its the cool autumn air that gets me sentimental or the group of pregnant women we saw last night, but I am full of love for my babe today.

It has been a hard couple of days. I had him yesterday morning to let the Papa have some time to himself and then today he woke up when Tim left for the airport at 5am after a night of nursing and making me fall off the bed from his scootching closer and closer.


We got coffee and a pastry together this morning and sat in the botanical gardens sharing the morning. He practiced chewing with every bite I took and happily chewed on his Sophie for the whole walk.

He laughed when I was struggling to put on his shirt and he wouldn't give me his arm. He usually fusses.

He fell asleep on our way to the mission today for a baby play group instead of screaming the whole way. I got to listen to The Weepies, which makes me so happy :)

My boy entertained the crowd at play group and then got one step closer to crawling (up on all fours with HEAD UP(rather than his head on the ground)).

He fell asleep in the carrier facing me while I rocked him and ate lunch standing up in a restaurant.

He cracked up in the carseat when I was putting him in and we both laughed until we had to catch our breath. A dream of what families are supposed to be like.

He was silent and played the whole way home.

This all made up for:
poop and vomit on the down comforter this morning (the WHITE down comforter).
keeping me up all night long
being a single mom for a couple days with no down time
peeing on our newly clean bedspread moments after putting him on it.
fussing all day if I'm not touching him.

I love my muffin.

November 13, 2010

Must get all toys in mouth

I've been a mama for 4 months now and hadn't really felt like a "mom" until last night.

I care for him, I love him to death, I wipe his butt, snork out his boogers, let him destroy my body, and I'd give anything for him, but I didn't feel like a mom.

I left him with his grandma aka bunni (with a heart over the 'i'). I knew that if he woke up, she could make it better. Usually, though, once I nurse him to sleep, he's good until 12:30 or so.

When we got there, he was awake and bunnz was making light of the fact that he'd been crying for an hour. I picked him up and he COVERED me with open mouthed drool soaked baby kisses. All over my face, my cheeks, my chin, my mouth. He grabbed my hair and slobbered all over me.

I handed him to his dad and he whimpered, so I took him back and he continued.

My boy knew me. He knew I was gone and he needed his mama.

November 11, 2010

The world's best toy

Baby proofing

Tim and I had a totally babyproofed house before Turner came. Babies wouldn't want to come near it it was so boring and white. Yeah - not funny.

I love whites and beige and tan and brown. Our entire living room is neutral shades and our two rugs are white shag. Tim is convinced that it is sustainable but I have to disagree.

Along with avoiding staining all of our beloved stuff, we have a dangerous stair case, hard wood furniture (that injures small children regularly), poor electrical outlets, and a house without "crap". I hate "stuff" in the house. I want everything to have a place and a purpose. Decorative doo dads don't work for me (except my beloved bud vases - they are just there to be beautiful). We now have a bunch of stuff we have to contain.

Every night I have to go through the house picking up toys, dirty diapers, blankets with pee on them and move them all back to the babe's room, just to be moved back again. Our bedside tables are full of burp rags and our houseplants are dead. One by one I'm going to fix these problems so our house no longer looks like a baby took it over :)

November 8, 2010

Turner learning about donating to the great bankrupt state of California.

November 4, 2010

I don't let my kid smoke in bed, why oh why would he need flame retardants in his PJs?

Went to the mall today and every single pair of baby pajamas had flame retardants in them.

T sleeps so much better with a one piece footed pj, but his cotton ones are a little too cool for the weather we're having. I don't want my kid breathing in poison all night long, but we're stuck with it.

The one pair of jams that didn't have them was $38 and didn't have feet.

Thank goodness for consignment stores.

November 3, 2010

Solid Food Controversy & Other things

1) we're all sick. I have a sore throat, stuffy head, and general exhaustion. Little T is extra fussy and snorky, and papa bear is almost over his cold and is taking care of us all. It is completely heartbreaking to see our little Muffin's pouty lip come out, but it is wonderful that he's napping longer than usual and is back to his 1 wake up per night (5am).

2) I'm really frustrated with our Doctor these days and am not sure what to do with it. Our Doctor essentially tried to push starting solids on us at our four month appointment. I questioned him and he didn't back down, essentially saying that all the former research that says to start at 6 months is faulty.

I asked our midwife about it and she was essentially appalled. She said the baby needs to be able to sit up by himself and reach for our food to be ready (at least six months). When I looked at the materials from Kaiser, they too said the same thing (and said breastfeeding mamas should wait till 6 months).

What's up with our doctor pushing them on us? Our boy is already in the 98% - sleeping through the night and super happy. Why rock the boat? I'm not sure if I should call him and talk to him about what I found or if I should just find another doctor. I get okaying it if a mom comes in super gung ho about starting, but why make me feel like we should start?

To be perfectly honest, I don't love breastfeeding. I think its kind of a pain in the butt and I think my boy would LOVE to start eating, but I don't want to mess him up!

3) Baby T and I took our first plane ride together. He was wonderful. I was a little uncomfortable and stressed so I don't think we'll be doing it any time soon for any great distance, but it was a wonderful trip and we got to see great friends.