October 17, 2011

The Yellow Paint that Never Happened.

My bumble bee yellow paint never happened.

We started it, but apparently yellow paint just won't go on evenly (this is after three coats) because it is transparent (or something).

We had extra boring blue grey (that I really do dislike) from the living room, so the rumpus room got painted boring old blue grey (steel lake, I think).

I suppose I'll post pictures eventually, but maybe just of the cool driftwood shelf my bubbs made. Crazy busy week at work, so posting may be light.


  1. oh, sad! that color looks great. it seems unfair that paint can just go on poorly and that's that. i can't WAIT to paint a new pad in our new pad (wherever that may be...)

    in SF we had all sorts of fun paint and then we just got tired after baby and didn't do it here. ha. but i'm ready!

    maybe you can do some super bright yellow accessory action instead? :/

  2. Yay for new houses!

    I think we're gonna brighten that room up around the ugly paint...and yellow is definitely in the plan!