February 23, 2012

Banquette Done!

Why is it that everytime I think I'm done, I realize just how much more I have to do?!

When we finished MOST of the kitchen, we still had to do the bench.

I ordered this fabric, but it was way too busy for my pretty calm kitchen.

So I found something better...

(off a baby bedding website, mind you).

It arrived, I stapled my little heart out for two days (first with the fabric then with the old lady plastic covers).

I love it.

My new mugs came too. Big, beautiful, glass mugs. Made in the US too!

(you are probably wondering, why are her glasses right side up? Doesn't she realize that they will collect dust?)

Um, yes. They will, but its better than the poison off-gassing that the shelves are doing from the WaterLox we used to seal them and make them match the countertops. The can and website claim that the Waterlox is no longer poison after 30 days. We haven't hit that mark yet and if we turn the glasses upside down they STINK when you drink out of them. Hopefully it will stop off-gassing soon. Would have gone with straight Tung Oil if we had to do it again.

Oh - our floating fish?

We bought them algae pellets like the pet store told us (they also told us that they were destined to early death if they had "swim bladder").

One of them is now floating forever in fishy heaven.

So, looking at my pretty kitchen I am aching to do the floors now. And, re-do the table.

Anyone know HOW to redo the table? We bought butcherblock for it, but I'm concerned about having that much wood in the kitchen...


  1. Love the new fabric! It looks great.

  2. i really like the striped fabric too! i loved the original, but you're right, maybe too busy for the space. was the original anna maria horner?

  3. It was! It was the totem print. I love love loved it when I found it online, but I guess I thought it would be a larger print. My five year old niece was thrilled to be gifted four yards of it and when I gave it to her she told me she would be making, "curtains, blankets, a dress, and doll clothes" with it - so it went to a great home :)

  4. I love the banquette.

    Are you married to the butcher block for the table? Because if you're still iffy, I am thinking that getting a metal fabrication shop to craft a zinc overlay would be a sweet alternative -- sort of pick up and amplify the chic bistro vibe that comes through with the stripes and the wood shelves and the fixtures. Just my unsolicited two cents.

  5. I am loving the stripes! What will you use the other fabric for? And where did you purchase it? I am looking for something similar!

  6. That sounds AWESOME! Lisa, S. We have the butcher block but didn't start on it yet because I am SO iffy on having so much wood in there. And, um, totally solicited :)

    If you search for Totem fabric all of her "totems" will come up (with different backgrounds). I got mine off, but you can find it on etsy too :)

  7. You could redo the top of your table yourself. You can buy the sheet formica. You take off the current top and sand it down. Then you apply contact cement to the table and the back of the formica. Lay down a series of dowels. Then lay it on and when it's where you want it, start removing dowels from the center to the edge to make sure there are no bubbles. Go over it with a rubber roller (brayer). Then use a router to trim the edge. Then replace the original edging. Repaint the post before putting the table back on.