October 28, 2011

What to do with Vegis that need to be eaten

Yesterday Bubbs took the garbage to the curb with T. This makes T VERY happy.

Bubbs was freaked out because the cans were only half full and they are usually overflowing.

Um - our new money, thus food diet? Means way less waste. A plus we hadn't considered.

One thing we're wasting much less of is food. If we got in the mood, we would buy something, eat it, and the leftovers would sit in the fridge until I tossed them. Now, with our new fancy budget, we're buying WAY more produce with way less packaging, and we're eating what's the in the fridge rather than stopping at the store to buy what tickles our fancy.

So, I came home from my weekend long trip and saw that the boys had left all the steamed broccoli and rice (boiled in homemade chicken stock) to die in the fridge. Rice is pretty gross on day two, and on day 3 1/2 it is disgusting, hard, and crunch.

So, I looked up a recipe for Fried Rice, and got to work.

This is another recipe, like the quinoa patties, that you can basically throw ANYTHING into and it will be awesome. I've made it twice now and we're calling it "clean out the refrigerator fried rice."

Click over for the exact recipe (above), but what I did was:

1) Crack 2 eggs and beat them.

2) Then put them in a pan with oil over high heat.

3) Cook them and break them up (letting them get brown), then add your vegis, meat and rice.

4) One time I used (all of these chopped super duper small) carrot, celery, left over steamed broccoli, and left over roasted chicken (I would say about a 1/2 cup each vegi and meat, and a cup and a half of rice - but last night my ratios were way different and it was still amazing).

Last night I used carrot, chard, left over steamed broccoli, and onion. Plus I added some leftover instant brown rice from Trader Joe's and left over white rice.

Anyway, let them all cook up on high heat for about 5 minutes.

Mix together four tblsp. water and four tblsp. soy sauce (we use low sodium). Pour that in and let cook for another five.

T LOVES THIS. And...he didn't even violently spit out the chard (like he usually does when I try to hide it in something).

And it cleans our the fridge :)


  1. Sounds awesome! I've been looking for a good fried rice recipe, and this looks like the easiest one I've encountered.

  2. Super easy, Jessica! It takes about 15 minutes max (less if you have a great knife to cut down on the chopping time).