Accountability: Weight Loss

Starting to update at the top so there's less scrolling necessary:

I've been doing week five-day 2 over and over again (8 minutes running, five walking, 8 running).  It feels good.  I'm good at it.

The last three days (well, five days, with two rest days in between) I've done 45 minutes of walking keeping my heartrate at 65% (according to the chart on the treadmill).  When I run, my heartrate shoots past what a 10 year old's should be when they are at 85%.  So I decided to see what staying in the "fat burning zone" could do for me.

After two days of it - I was 1 lb lower than my lowest since getting pregnant.

Yup - it actually worked.  It was either that or the stress of my inlaws in town for  a week :)

Did I mention this? I went for a hike when we spent the weekend at the lake where I was married.  I have only done the hike once (before the wedding) and it kicked my ass.  I complained the whole time, stopped a bunch, ran out of water and food.

This time, I was ahead of all my friends - I did it all three days we were there - and I finished it in about half the time I had before.

I realized - I am stronger.  MUCH stronger than I was before - even 10 pounds lighter like I was then.

I kicked ass - and more than the one pound I've lost - I am OH SO PROUD of how strong I am.

Back to start weight today.  Ran with Bubbs and T this evening in the sunshine :)  Week 5 day 1.  We rocked it.

I've joined weight watchers.  It was going well until I ate a falafel and ruined my whole weeks worth of points.

I haven't really lost much weight (still above my start weight).  I do think my clothes are fitting better.

I've also been ROCKING c25k.  I restarted on week three last week and yesterday I finished week 4.  I think I'm going to actually run a 5k in June so I'm using that as the carrot (so I don't look like an idiot in the race).

Rejoined weight watchers.  It worked for me before.  Spark people is nice in that it is free, but calories in/calories out has NEVER worked for me before.  Plus, when a banana takes away from calories in my day (which it did on sparkpeople) I know I won't survive.

This morning on weight watchers I could eat 3 bananas for 0 points.

My lunch? Double fiber bread, arugula, brie, avocado, egg white sandwich.  It rocked!

Hoping to run around stow lake today!

(weight check in - +1 from where I started)

And...its been ANOTHER month since I posted here.  I've been going to the gym pretty regularly - at least three times a week.  Problem was, I stopped couch 2 5k-ing.  So, I was just mostly walking on the treadmill.  About two weeks ago I started C25K again at week three and I'm gonna make it to the end.

I also joined Spark People today.  I've done things like this before and it didn't really work too well for me.  Weight Watchers was way more effective, but I got cranky when they changed their point system and I think it is an awful lot of money for what you get.

Spark People suggests that I eat 1400-1600 calories a day.  I've been in that range for two days now.  It is really hard.  I realize that even though I was eating healthy foods, I was eating WAY too much.  Like WAY TOO MUCH.   I think I usually ate 1400 calories by 11am every day (especially when traveling for work).

I'm currently 3 pounds ABOVE where I started and you can tell.  I think I can do this now.

Tonight it was finally light enough for the three of us to go out running together after Bubbs got home from work.  T sat in the stroller amazingly well, we did our little run, and we're all pretty darned happy.

And...its been another month since I did this.  damn.  Well, I solved the problem below - I re-joined the gym.  I can now go despite bad weather or childcare problem.  Easy peasy.  I actually really like running on the treadmill (at this point) because I can see my progress and it is "easier" - no paying attention to cars or slippery areas, no watching for scary people in GG Park.  Plus, if at some point I have 10 minutes to spare (which I don't right now), I could soak in the jacuzzi or take a sauna.

I'm still on week 7 - and really I'm not on the program right now. I'm doing a little bit of 5 run, 3 walk, 5 run (on and off for 30 minutes).  I'm not sure why - mostly because I keep failing when I try to do the week 7 25 minute runs...

I'm also headed to the doctor today for something that is probably nothing.  My resting heartrate is in the 40's (which apparently is a little low) but my heartrate when I'm 2 minutes into a run is about 177-179.  Which apparently is high.  When I sent my doctor an email about this, her response was, "Umh...can you come in tomorrow?"  So, I'm going to see what she thinks.  Maybe I'm doing something that is making this harder on me than anyone else - plus, I realized, once I started tracking my heartrate, that I'm not in a "fat burning" zone - I'm WAY above it (179 is higher than the target heartrate for a 10 year old :).

So maybe I have to slow it down to lose some serious weight?  I'm STILL maintaining my weight I started with. My body is DEFINITELY changing and I feel pretty good, but I would love to see some pounds drop.

How has it been a month since I've updated?  Well, I've made it out 1-2 times a week since Bubbs started his new job.  This isn't because I don't have time, but because it is just harder to get out of the house with him.  Also, until yesterday, we just kept repeating Week 6 day 2.  I was So afraid of the 25 minute run on day 3.  I actually think it is easier than the two 10 minute runs.  Crazy, but true.

We did it yesterday, both of us pushing a jogging stroller (niece and nephew in tow).

I WILL run on Wednesday and Friday this week.  I WILL.

I feel better when I run AND I look better. no questions.

We've been bad.  Bubbs started his new job this week and we haven't been able to run - we haven't quite figured out how our family is going to manage these new working hours.  He's been waking up at 4:30am to lift weights in the garage, so I dropped off T this morning and picked up where we left off on Sunday (5 days ago), and ran Week 6 day 2.  This was two 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in between.  It was HARD and even harder without Bubbs there.  It was perfect timing from T's daycare.  To pass the time I listened to a This American Life (why do they always make me cry now that I'm a mom?).

I'm proud I did it today.  This is definitely the kind of week that I would normally have quit.


I have never been happy with my weight.

Even watching home movies, the only time I've liked what I looked like was when I was 17 and 12.  But, I have never been this heavy.

Right before my wedding, I lost about 15 pounds successfully with walking and weight watchers.

What did I take from it?

Don't eat butter and don't eat cheese.

That's pretty much the only change that occurred with Weight Watchers and the only thing I needed to lose some extra pounds.

Even with those gone, I was at the high end of my BMI scale.

On our honeymoon

Two months pregnant (losing weight from vomiting nonstop)

The baby weight - well, I didn't weigh myself until after he was born, but after the baby was out, I was 40 pounds over what I started at.  And now, 1 1/2 years later, I'm still 10 pounds over (which is 20 pounds from a "healthy" BMI).

38 weeks pregnant
 (don't I look happy?)

4 weeks after baby


So, I've gotta do this. I feel too bad about myself not to fix this problem.

What's worked so far:
(which led to smaller portions, will power over fried and sweet foods, and having more fruits and vegis in the house)

What I'm trying next:
Couch to 5K

I'll be using this page to hold myself accountable.

C25K Day 1 Completed
0 lbs *

C25K Day 2Completed
(my shins hurt a little and it was hard to get going, but I felt great after.  Listened to This American Life)
+ 1 lb

Long day of driving - didn't eat well but holy smokes, my whole body hurts - even my abs!   yay!
No exercise.

Worked all day and night - didn't overeat in portions, but didn't eat "well".  Got food poisoning.  No exercise.

Hoping to feel better from my night of sickness, but not sure if I'll get to exercise today.
+3 lbs from start weight

Wow - have I been bad.  Luckily, I'm back at +0 without exercise.  Ran with Bubbs and T this morning (did Week 1, Day 3) at 5:30am since T is still on East Coast time from our Florida Trip.  We ran down to the beach but only got to the halfway point when T got frustrated (and cold) being in the stroller.

Family run/walk this morning (week 2, day 1).  Felt really good while doing it and amazingly T stayed seated in the stroller the WHOLE TIME.  Just weighed myself.  NEW ALL TIME LOW (well, post pregnancy) of -2lbs!

I seriously LOVE Couch to 5K and need to remember that when I do it in the morning everything about the world is better all day.  Ate a ton when I got home, but it was mostly good for me.

Worked away from home (two hours away) and ate horribly. 

Family run again (week 2, day 2).  Was dark and cold but we did it.  Decided to wait until a little later next time so we can run in the park (running in GG park before light seemed a bit sketch to me).
-1 lb from start weight

Family Run (Week 3, day 1).  Waited until it was light outside.  The intervals were 90 second run, 90 second walk, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk (two times).  I was scared for the three minute run.  That was DOUBLING the most I had done so far.  The first interval was actually easy.  We high fived when it was over.  The second three minute interval was actually pretty bad and we had to go downhill for me to make it.  But I feel great now that its over!
-2 lbs from start weight today

+5 lbs.  Seriously I think I ate like four whole loaves of french bread.  That is the only thing that changed.  So, cutting our the white bread for shizzle.

Family Run (week 3, day 2).  Ran to the playground with T.  He played then we ran home.  Didn't start till noon.  Big mistake.  SO hard to get out and do it in the afternoon.  Felt way better after getting out.

-0 lbs
Despite the weight loss failure, I AM noticing my clothes fitting better - so maybe there's some muscle gained?

(Week 3, Day 3).  We both felt like 300 lbs when we did this run.  We grunted and groaned, but we did it.  T was fantastic and we made it through.  He hasn't been sleeping, so that adds a whole new dimension to this thing.

(Week 4, Day 1).  WEEK FOUR SUCKS.  We went from three minutes being the longest run (week 3 was: 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking - then do it all again).  Week 4 is: 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, FIVE MINUTES RUNNING, 2 minutes 30 seconds walking - then do it all again.

We kinda sucked at it.  Well, one I think the app was a little broken, so we got all the way to the beach in the middle of the first run (like a mile).  Then we decided to go get coffee (we ran out at home) right before our last five minute run.  So of course, we didn't do the last five minutes.

Back at -0 lbs - but again - my clothes are fitting differently - so I'll keep at it.

Re-did Week 4, day 1.  Actually did it this time.  Kicked our booties.  Ended at a little lake in GG Park and let T feed the ducks.  Ended up walking home five or six blocks after it was over.  Then I took T to the zoo and carried the wagon around - so got a good bit of exercise today.  Only problem is I came home and SCARFED whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs.  Oops.

I think we did something in between the 2nd and this one, but we did Week 4 day 2 on Friday.  T was in school (to get him ready for when Bubbs goes back to work).  We dropped him off and then ran home (it was 1.6 miles).  HARD, but we did it.

Ran week 4 day 2.  Ran up to the Academy of Sciences (past it a bit the back to get the full run in).  Then "cooled down" by following a toddler around the aquarium.  We ended up walking home about a mile and a half and BOY did my calves kill me.  Not looking forward to week FIVE!

I am still at +- 1 lb, but my butt is changing shape.  That's a good thing.

Not sure what happened in between here, but we completed Week 5, day 2.  It wasn't that bad!  It was 8 minutes running and three minutes walking x 2.  I'm pumped up and read to rock - but I think tomorrow goes to 20 minutes running.  Which MIGHT kill me.
-2.5 lbs today

We just ran week 5, day 3 of Couch to 5K.  This was 20 minutes in a row of running.  Did you hear me?  TWENTY MINUTES IN A ROW OF RUNNING!  We did pause at two stop lights and walk across the street - but I did it. And I'm not dead.
-2.5 lbs (from start weight a month ago).  My clothes fit differently, my face is thinner and I feel pretty darned good.

* I'm still too horrified to  post my actual weight.  Maybe when I lose it all, I'll tell you what it was.