September 29, 2013

Two months to completion!

We're in the final phases!

Our complete disaster is two months away from finishing!  It will be 12 days shy of a year from purchase, almost 4x the purchase price in renovations, and yes, our complete disaster was an even bigger disaster than we originally though.

All of my DIY dreams were smashed when we had to completely re-do the floor plan to add walls to tie into the foundation (I think), so we went down to the studs.  Arg.

The great news is that we rented some places in our new neighborhood throughout the summer, and our house might just be the biggest cabin there - and definitely the fanciest 3+ bedroom cabin.

So far, the majority of the money has gone into structural work. Oh, and our first contractor who forgot to pay his subs - so we had to pay them TWICE.

We're finally at the fun part.

Exterior Paint IS ON!



The dark brown body paint and colorful trim is a neighborhood thing.  We originally chose a brighter blue, but ended up with this more muted color to match our new gutters.  Apparently our gutters will have a lifetime warranty (they'd better at the price they are costing us) so we didn't want to paint them.

We're picking flooring, deciding on kitchen details, ordering lighting fixtures, and choosing bedrooms!

Doing all this with three partners is NOT easy.  We all have different taste and who knew picking doorknobs would be a huge ordeal.

The roof goes on today, the rough in inspection is next week and then the drywall goes up!