May 2, 2011

Vintage Cado System - SCORE!

So, I'm not up on my vintage designers.

Mostly because I can't afford anything designer- and I think that there's a lot of mid century madness going on in the design blogosphere that I don't want to become a part of.

I pretty much sit all day on the chaise of our sectional - and work on my laptop. But, there's no where to put a drink or to hide my computer. I'm constantly moving our little storage ottomans around and using books on the top to serve as a little drink table.

How can I be expected to work without a place to put my coffee?

When I saw floating desks on the other day, I wanted one SO badly for next to the couch.

The pricetag on this desk was over our budget. I have to admit that my budget on most things is under $200 bucks.

image source
(how beautiful is that desk?)

So, I continued my daily search for "desk" "bookshelf" "cabinet", etc...and came across a listing for a beautiful, perfect Cado system. Which was WAY too fricken expensive.

I sent Tim the ad to show him that I found the perfect thing and we just needed to start looking for it in thrift stores...and he texted back immediatly "BUY IT".

I couldn't handle the price tag ($800), so I offered $600 which still made my stomach a little sick - she never responded.

A couple days later I noticed that the ad was down, but kept searching, and found the same ad, but $100 cheaper! I wrote again offering $600 and she wrote back! We ended up buying it for $675 and though it KILLS me (that's two round trip flights to Mexico), it fits perfectly, looks beautiful, and I'm pretty sure it will hold its value.

Introducing, the newest member of our living room family:

(that ottoman is there because we haven't figured out a way to wrangle our cords yet, and baby+cords = instant death).

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