May 18, 2011

Glass Link Chandelier Installation OR how to kill your husband

*for a better idea of installation click here.

After months of going back and forth between

West Elm Glass Link Chandelier

and this:

West Elm Capiz Chandelier

We pulled the trigger yesterday and bought the Glass Link West Elm Chandelier.

Don't get me started on the lame customer service at West Elm. No matter which store, the clerks are soft spoken, aloof, and not too helpful. Plus, each time we've purchased something (our bedframe and the chandelier) there are NO instructions. So we have to look them up online. Which was a BAD idea on the bed since there were two sets of instructions for our same bed and hopefully not too bad of an idea for the chandelier but we're not done who knows :)

This time, it appeared that our box had been opened and when we started following the instructions...the cables were all tangled. Tim wanted to unscrew some of it and try to untangle, but mama wouldn't let him get his tools out. All I had to mention was 1) the washing machine (just imagine what happens with a man, no directions, and a broken washing machine 2) the bed (what happens when an ikea bed is missing parts and you decide to "make it work" with stuff around the house? Let's say we ended up VERY uncomfortable sleeping on the floor and spending more money on a new bed).

After careful inspection by mama, I realized that the person who probably bought it before us (and returned it) made one mistake in putting it together and probably gave up. I was able to untangle the chandelier WITHOUT using a screwdriver.

I started reading the installation instructions to Tim.

1) we recommend that you hire a professional to install this chandelier.
2) turn off power to the entire house.

What did my husband want to do?

Turn off the light switch in the room and leave the power running through the house.

Mama started googling and decided that we'd better buy life insurance before he made that decision.

Sometimes his country boy Tennessee comes out a little too much.

We decided to put the installation on hold until the next morning when we could turn off the power and do it right.

8am next morning:

Power is off.

I asked if he wanted me to read him the installation instructions. His response?

"As much as I love directions, I'd rather just pay attention to what I'm doing"

Yeah - um no.

He's at the hardware store now getting some electrical tape and I'm thinking mama's gonna end up installing this chandelier.

He's back and back on the table:

Whispering under his breath:

"take off this old funky sh*t"
"there's the base"
"that's the ground, right? make sure I'm touching the right part"
"mark that with this"

More to come :)


  1. Hi! I just got this as well. What sort of light bulbs do you use?

  2. We ended up with low wattage regular old light bulbs. We really should search for something a little more earth friendly, but haven't had time yet. We started with florescent, but it looked really bad.

    We also put a dimmer on the switch and that is AMAZING and helps with the romantic lighting!

  3. It's a beautiful blog with glass link chandelier installation. However, i was just thinking of it's cleaning process, which
    I think must be difficult with each and every peace of bulb.

  4. I have a question, do you still have the West Elm Link chandelier? I have been searching for this chandelier for years! This is not a spam comment I really do NEED that chandelier. I am willing to pay full price for it. If you will agree to sell it to me please email me Thank you so much

    1. hi, Michele. I've got a pretty new one (in flawless condition) and extra glass links for sale. I would sell it to you. We are moving and will replace it with a simple fixture that is more mainstream before we sell the house ;) Let me know.

    2. hi, Michele. I've got a pretty new one (in flawless condition) and extra glass links for sale. I would sell it to you. We are moving and will replace it with a simple fixture that is more mainstream before we sell the house ;) Let me know.

    3. Hi any chance this is still for sale?

  5. We do! We actually just bought something to replace it!

  6. HI: Just happened upon your account and in the small chance that Michele didn't take you up on it, we'd be willing to buy it right away. Please let me know. Thank you! (oh and I'm also guilty of mumbling under my breath all sorts of interesting comments while doing home improvements, I loved reading your husbands)

    1. Hi, McKenzie. See thread above for Michele… ;) I have the chandelier and it's in perfect condition. I will sell it as we need to "neutralize" our contemporary home to sell it soon. I also have a bunch of extra glass links negotiated from West Elm for the trouble I had getting this light.


  8. Hi KGF - just sent you an email.

  9. Hi GiGi! I've sent several reply emails to you and would like to purchase your chandelier �� Please let me know...

  10. Hi! I am still interested in buying the West Elm chandelier, but need to hear back from you. Could you let me know if it's still available and if you found the extra links? Thank you,

  11. Hi again GiGi: I emailed you again regarding purchasing your chandelier, but it seems you did not receive my reply. I'd like to buy it :) Could you please email me your phone number so I can call you to arrange details? Thanks so much.

  12. Hi Gigi: I sent another email confirming I would like to buy the chandelier, and passed on my phone number and mailing address. Perhaps you didn't receive my email? If you could let me know your phone number please, that would be helpful. Cheers!

  13. Hi if anyone has this for sale I'd love to buy... Been looking for this for a long time ...

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