September 30, 2011

Fig Butter and how I'll never share a secret again

That's it folks.

I just polished off my first jar of fig butter from Trader Joe's.  Besides my fig pizza and late night mama snacks,  I've had it on toast every morning. 

I went back today to get some after planning my entire weekend around it.

They are out.  I asked three people and it turns out there is a SHORTAGE.  I bet it was all seven readers of my blog.  You guys went out and bought it all!

And, the artichoke hearts are out too.  FOREVER.

Despite this tragity, I have:

Caprese Salad: Organic buffalo mozerella, organic heiloom mini tomatoes, and organic basil

Cold Pasta Salad: Whole wheat fusili pasta salad with heart of palm, sliced black olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and olive oil (cold salad)

Ribs (frozen from two weeks ago) re-heating in the oven

Breakfast Burritos with eggs, lots o cumin and adobo sauce, beans, all wrapped in sprouted wheat tortillas.

All for our picnic for tomorrow's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Holiday Weekend Magicalness.

TMI, but Little T was a twinkle in our eye two years ago on HSBG weekend.

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