September 22, 2011

Our bright red backyard rug is here!

Our rug has arrived.

Tuesday, after work, on a beautifully sunny day, the rug that ties my whole backyard vision together, arrived!

We had a helper to roll it out...

We found a stain on the rug.  Overstock gave us 10% back (which wasn't much, but covered shipping).  I wish we'd gotten more, but I wasn't willing to put up a fight about it. 

We decided to keep our yucky jute rug under it, but cut it to size.  This way when we paint in the backyard, we can just roll up the pretty rug and use the jute to protect the bricks.  It also give it a little more padding.  Any reason we shouldn't?

T helped by using the barbeque spatula to "cut" part of the rug.  I know we're overprotective, but we just couldn't hand over the exacto knife as a toy :)

He got impatient, so we do what we do everytime we need five minutes to ourselves.  

Turn on the hose.

The cut up jute rug left fibers on our new one, so T and Bubbs swept up. Their favorite father / son activity.

Then they tested the wrestleability of the rug.  It met the standards.

I love love love the red/orange rug with the turquoise (actually "juniper" by benjamin moore) furniture.  Next beautiful day naptime I'm painting the bench the same color.

Playing chase around the yard. I love that bootiebutt.

Was the rug worth the $165?  It was.  It was about $8,400 cheaper than having a deck built, it adds coziness to the foggy urban backyard, takes the focus off the grey ugly foundation, and it comes with a FREE TOY!  T's working on talking and Bubbs is working on his listening skills.

Before After

Before After