September 7, 2011

Hiding Vegis in Pizza

Someone very close to us has been diagnosed with Cancer. Since it is on all of our minds, we're trying to be healthier and do everything we can to stay healthy (though I know it is sometimes avoidable).

One of my mom's close friends beat cancer earlier this year and swears by the book Anti-Cancer.

After reading it and becoming convinced she needed to eat grass-fed meat and organic milk, my mom passed the book along to us. We already eat only local grass-fed meat and organic milk, but Bubbs just finished the book and I'll start reading it tonight once the boy is in bed.

We have some new rules in our house that are going to make grocery shopping much more expensive and harder to do...but I see it as a challenge. We're going to have to learn more about where our eggs come from (my sister has chickens so we might have to just make trips up to her house). The farmer's market on Wednesdays has eggs for $7 a dozen that they promise come from free range hens that are allowed to eat bugs and seeds like nature intended. Our milk is already organic and pasture fed. We need to eat more organic fruits and vegis and also use more herbs and spices... husband is a pizza fanatic. Generally, anytime he is alone, he's eating pizza. Our son's favorite food is pizza. I like pizza okay - but cheese is my downfall so I try to avoid it.

Whole Wheat Trader Joe's Pizza Crust*
Local, Organic Mozzarella
Trader Joe's Marinara Sauce
Two Bunchs of Kale
One Pound of Spinach

I had burned one bunch of kale chips earlier that day, and under cooked another.

I took all my bad kale chips, a lb of raw baby spinach, and another head of raw kale, stuffed it in a jar of TJ's marinara sauce and used my hand blender to mix it all together.

Yes, the sauce turned green, but it still tasted great.

Lazy mama didn't grate the cheese, but it melted fine anyway.

Finished product:

Since the babe was teething, he didn't end up eating anything that night. Since I'm trying to avoid cheese (to finally get these extra 30 lbs of babyweight off), I cut the pizza into quarters and froze it. It was super easy to throw it in the oven over the next couple days when bubbs or the babe needed something quick and easy. 350 degrees for 15 minutes or so.

I had a bunch of sauce left over too, so I put that in individual plastic bags and froze it too.

* The pizza crust is WAY better if you use it within two days of buying it. I've bought it before and always wondered why it was stiff and undercooked ( I assumed it was that it was whole wheat), but I usually leave it in the fridge for 4 or 5 days before using. This time it was great!)


  1. That book is really fantastic. A bible of sorts over here and definitely one of the main inspirations for many of our recent life changes.

    I'm so sorry to hear someone close to you is battling the c. I didn't talk about it (obviously) on the blog, but Clay was diagnosed with cancer in January. A major surgery and 6 months of chemo later, he's free and clear but we've still got a lot of work on our plate to keep him that way. :)

  2. Wowza, mama. That's big stuff. Yay for health. You are even tougher than you appear - and I gotta say, I admire you already! The book is pretty inspirational. I'm a little worried about winter and the UGH of winter fruits and vegis, but for now, we're lovin' it!