September 8, 2011

Sunday Funday

On Sunday morning

Daddy was home after a four day business trip
We were all exhausted from yet another night of teething pain
The house was clean and we wanted to keep it that way

So we jumped in the car, put on layers and sweatshirts (summer in San Francisco), and headed to the park.

We met up with dear friends. We shared a midwife and walked our babies out together in the four weeks of maternity leave leading up to their birth, then walked them to sleep together as infants, and now in the chaos of toddlerhood, mamas talk while daddies play with the boys at the park.

Very serious trying-to-stay-on face

He loves to wave to the joggers

Sweet friends

This look - the one that says "watch out - here I come" - That's 85% of the time with this monkey.

Walking up the slide - the biggest park controversy

Sliding down on your belly - the most park fun

This weekend was all play, no work. We liked it that way.

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