September 8, 2011

How much longer can I talk about the backyard without doing anything about it?

Summer is almost here

Go ahead. Check when this was posted. Yup - September.

San Francisco's summer doesn't begin until mid September.
Our backyard is still a brick, blackberry bramble pit.

I'm gonna change that.

When those perfect sunny days are here, we're having dinner parties. And no one can stop me.

This is my inspiration:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

How amazing are those colors?

Our grey skies and teensy urban wasteland are going to be transformed by painting our pots that amazing blue and our iron furniture that amazing pink.

I'm going to find a colorful outdoor rug to cover the ugly bricks

String lights from the fence to the house for mood lighting

And have colorful flowering vines climbing the lattices that hide the siding of the houses next door

I'm turning this

Into this

Or something like it, anyway

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