September 21, 2011

First (hopefully not last) barbeque of the summer!

I made ribs for the first time.

T has been teething really badly and not really eating, so I thought if I could give him some ribs to munch on he would eat his little heart out. We stopped by a local butcher to pick up some ribs then headed to the farmer's market for our weeks worth of fruits and vegis.

The first time I ate ribs was about 5 years ago. My sister was pregnant and living in Sacramento. We were at the outlet mall in Folsom shopping for maternity clothes and stopped for lunch at chilis where I ordered babyback ribs. They were amazing.

I have probably had them three or four times since then, but will always remember how fantastic those first ribs were. I like them covered in bbq sauce (not the vinegar stuff some bbq places have) and falling off the bone.  I'm not really a meat eater.  I surely don't need it every day and rarely do we have it more than once a week.

Mine were pretty damn good.

I used the Tyler Florence recipe from It requires that you make your own bbq sauce and WOW was it fantastic. I wish I would have read all the reviews first - and I would have done the first hour at 350 degrees and the rest of the time on 275.

The sauce required thyme wrapped in bacon:

Then fry that bacon up with onion and garlic:

A pic of the ribs halfway there (you baste with the sauce for the last two hours every 30 minutes).

We also did a simple heirloom tomato salad with basil, salt, pepper, and olive oil:

Grilled white summer corn marinated in olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper:

And chopped red potatoes (grilled) marinated in olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper.

Finishing it off with Grilled peaches (marinated in brown sugar and olive oil).

The 'Que was a great success.  There was a baby dance party in the rumpus room (connected to the backyard), the food was eaten, the peaches were devoured (with vanilla ice cream), and we fit 10 adults and two kids pretty comfortably.

Next up...OUR BACKYARD RUG ARRIVE (yes, I meant to yell).

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