September 1, 2011

Craigslist has pictures next to the ads!

Craigslist has finally done what I always wanted it to do!

In 2005 I remember thinking we were way behind on technology when there was no place to "rent" movies online. I thought it was archaic that we had to drive to the video store still. In 2010, with our new TV, I never have to go to the video store again.

I've always wished that I didn't have to search through bunch of junk to get to the good stuff on craigslist.

Now, when you search for something, any pic from the body of the ad is next to the listing in the search results. The pictures are small, but it really helps distinguish something like the "beautiful vintage couch" for $300 in the title from the ugly 80's disaster in the body of the post.

I'm a little concerned though, that now I'll be competing with more people over my secret finds. You know, those great mid century pieces listed for way too cheap, or something that is named a little off, so regular search terms won't find it.

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