September 27, 2011

The Latt table of our dreams

We got T his own table to see if it helped with the hatred of the high chair problem.

Is it ugly with a capital U?

Um - yes.

Has it already made my life easier in three days?

H*ll yes.

I have no idea why, but the boy loves it.

It faces the blank wall.

He brought his spatula with him to keep him company

I leave snacks on the table (tell him they are there) and he gets up on the chair, sits down, and eats, reading his book.  For like 3-4 minutes at a time!  Alone!

3-4 minutes?

That's a million years in my house.

Remember when they were really small and you kept waking them up to see if they were still alive when they were sleeping?

I keep doing that here.  I'm so excited that he's entertaining himself (and not physically attached to my body) that I grab the camera or say hello...and he's up and on me again.

I'm hoping to head down to Tap Plastics today to get some plexi-glass to cover the cardboard (to make it easier to clean and hopefully much prettier).


  1. we had a similar version of this when my girls were little (it was all wood back then!!)
    loved it!!

  2. I can't believe how much we love it! I guess small things just make them happy!