September 29, 2011

Can I eat pink chicken?

This post on ApartmentTherapy reminded me that I hadn't posted about my chicken yet.

We've had an awfully crazy couple of days that are going to mean serious restructure in these two bedrooms.  Life is good and we're very excited about what is coming - no, we're not pregnant, and you'll know once we've spread the word to our families.

My Thomas Keller Ad Hoc cookbook was an indulgence from a year ago.  Even though the recipes are supposed to be easy, they are WAY more complicated than we'll make for any old weeknight.  The true star of the cookbook is the roasted chicken with roasted root vegis.  It is mind blowing.

This time wasn't as successful as previous attempts.  Our root vegis were cut into larger sizes than we usually do (yeah - don't question Thomas Keller's instructions), and they were a little bitter (was this because they were larger?).  We cooked two chickens so we could make stock and have just a little more.  I hate dark meat usually, but the wings and legs on this for some reason are fantastic and I snack on them before I call the family to dinner.  All three of us prefer the breast, so having four was a good call.

Per my usual, I totally forgot to take after pictures.

(these were happy chickens - expensive happy chickens in a nest of organic root vegis).

The last few times I've made it I've FREAKED out that the breast is a little pink in some places.  It always ends up over 160 (like the recipe says) but a little pink. So we eat around it and I end up boiling the rest into soup or cooking it in enchiladas.  So glad to see ApartmentTherapy handling the issue today :)

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