September 18, 2011

Mornings at our House

T realizing that he can make his finger point - he's been obsessed with his body parts lately.

All the baby websites say that you have to start traditions early...but so far, we realize we don't really have any.

Things we plan to continue as T gets older (and hope he appreciates as much as we do):

Eat dinner together every night at the table
Have "come one come all" Golden Gate Park days
Celebrate Hardly Strictly Bluegrass like it is a holiday
Go to the farmer's market twice a week and pick up special fruits and vegis
Family bedtime - we all cuddle up, read books, and snuggle down together until T falls asleep.
New Years Day baby brunch - all friends and kids open house at our house

Some things I hope we can start doing:
Reading the paper together on Sunday mornings (right now T just EATS it)
Having homemade pizza on Sundays. This is one of Bubb's favorite memories as a kid.

We DO have a tradition that has become a special thing for our family, which surprises me.

Every morning when T wakes up, he grabs my hand and leads me into the kitchen.

"Cheeee ooooo" (tranlations: cheerios)

I grab a small handful of cheerios out of the box (usually stale, since it takes us weeks to go through them), put them on the floor in front of the living room heater vent, and turn up the heater to 70.

(that close up shot makes me realize how badly we need to replace the heater vents)

side note: wouldn't these be nice?

When Bubbs and I were little, we were NOT allowed to turn on the heater most days. It was a special treat for particularly cold days (I was from Northern California and he lived in Tennessee, so I think our "particularly cold days" were probably very different. This funny similarity brought us closer when we were dating, but as we've become parents, we've realized just how much creature comforts can mean - and what special memories they create. We don't need T to be "tough" or learn the hard way. He'll get natural consequences as life goes on.

T and Bubbs cuddle up, they snuggle, read books and feed each other cheerios as Mama makes coffee. When the coffee is ready, I bring Daddy a cup, bring T his sippy cup of water, and I snuggle up on my special spot on the sectional and we begin our day slowly and magically.

Not one day goes by that this isn't our routine. I really really like it.


  1. Sweet! I love routines, especially when they just develop naturally. We've got a lot of them I don't even realize are routines until oh, right! We always do this.

    Do you get to have leisurely mornings even before work?

  2. Lucky for both of us, we do :) We both work from home a couple days a week (or at least don't have to leave for our first meeting until after the boy goes to daycare at 8). Even on days when I have a long commute ahead of me, he wakes up early enough that we sit down for 30 minutes or so.

  3. Great set-up!

    Two questions:

    1) What do you do for work? I missed that somewhere...

    2) Did you have a homebirth? And if so -- would you ever blog about it?? (Pretty plz?)

  4. First question, I'll answer in an email :) Its not scandalous - but I'm super worried about people I work with finding my blog :)

    Second question, yes! We had an amazing, wonderful, magical homebirth :) We pretty much started the blog when I found out I was pregnant, so there's a lot of pre-natal stuff there, but T's birth story is
    Feel free to ask any questions, you want though :)