September 28, 2011

Projects Ahead

My to do list is long:

1) Do SOMETHING (anything) to the kitchen

Hopefully something like this:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

2. Finish the backyard

A lot of this is going to require waiting for the plants to grow a bit, but also on my list are:

Pallet garden to hide the foundation ugliness

String lights

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Outdoor heater

3. Make the baby table less ugly and more into something like this:

5. Paint our headboard white (and actually attach it to the wall) and figure out a new duvet cover.

I love this one from Urban Outfitters, but none of their duvets come in King!

6. Cut up and re-bind in smaller pieces T's "Deedee" or Blanket so its not 20 lbs of polyester following him everywhere.

(that giant white thing is his comfort object)

7. Wallpaper the bathroom and fix up the grout so its prettier and looks less disgusting.

(you can't see how nasty the grout is from these pics)

8. Hem up the sheers (on top - is it called hemming?) so there aren't the gaps.

That should keep me busy...and it doesn't even include starting to finally decorate the rumpus room...which is seriously starting from scratch.

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