September 18, 2011

What mamas eat when everyone is sleeping


I've been on a serious weight loss kick lately. Which for me means that I've lost 7 pounds (more or less) in the last month and a half.

Not that I've been totally successful, but I finally feel like my face doesn't look totally bloated anymore.

I was never too happy with my body, but after gaining 60 pounds (or more) with this baby and only losing 40, I finally decided I had to do something b/c it was really negatively affecting my life.

So - I've started Couch to 5K. It actually feels really good - though I keep doing day 1 over and over again because I haven't been able to get out every day. And - I'm not exactly reading the book - just using the free droid app.

Plus, (except for this weekend), I'm ONLY snacking on fruit or vegis. And, I'm trying to consider my meals to be "snacks." I think my entire life, my portion size has been WAY off. I'm realizing now that I'm doing this that I was eating meals for giant men.

So...the other night, I was alone with the baby, he went to bed early and I hadn't eaten in hours. I was exhausted and we had no food in the house. I was on the verge of ordering take-out, but instead hunted through the fridge.

I pulled out some local delicious sheep's milk cheese, some fig butter from TJ's (which is not butter, by the way, just amazing fruity spread), and seeded 'artisan' crackers. Poured myself a glass of unoaked savignon blanc, and watched BAD BAD reality TV that I will never admit in writing to watching.

It was heavenly.

Trader Joe's Fig Butter, I love you.

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