August 29, 2011

Montessori Baby Room - Take Two

We have been loving T's room.

We all got stuffy noses awhile back and realized that we needed to take his bed off the floor. We got warnings from the mattress store that mold could grow (especially in foggy places like San Francisco), plus, we wanted to vacuum and dust around it.

**edited to add: when we lifted it up there WAS mold under it. I'm not sure why we thought we were special and it wouldn't happen to us. My search terms were heavy with "floor bed" this week so I thought I'd make sure people understood this. We had to purchase a new mattress - stat. I did this for a mattress of mine at one point and it didn't happen - so who knows why and when - but seriously - give your bed some ventilation.

We had a quick platform built for the mattress which is essentially made from two 2x4's and slats.

Once we got it all together in the same place his floor mattress was - mama panicked.

His old set up


The bed was now three inches taller, and while T used to get up on his tippy toes to look out the window - he was now in prime position to climb out our third story flat. The windows are locked, but not totally babyproofed yet. Plus, I've always known his bed shouldn't be under a window anyway in case of an earthquake. 7:45 (15 minutes before lights out for T), I made us totally rearrange the room.


Behind his little chair are the ikea spice racks that used to hold his books - they are going to go back on the wall at some point (hopefully this evening). We got rid of T's dresser (once Mama's vanity and also once a desk), and put his clothes in the baskets of the expedit.

The white blanket is one of the softest in the world and its T's special at-home blanket (the smaller version I made him stays at daycare). The brown comforter is for Bubbs or myself since one of us (usually me) ends up sleeping on his bed with him almost every night.

You can't really see it here, but this set up give him SO MUCH MORE free space to play. The bed used to be half on the rug, but now the rug fits perfectly in that spot, plus you can close the bedroom door (which we used to not be able to do since the rug was so high piled).

This looks pretty sloppy, but we're okay with it for now :)


  1. It's beautiful!! I want to do this to H's room, but worried how she'll adjust to life without a crib. She LOVES her crib and always has -- won't even snuggle to sleep with us in the bed as a treat or when she's sick. Bummer. Anywho -- I'm worried about her climbing out for fun, since she's a frighteningly talented climber! And I also think the mattress looks chic :) I'll probably hold off till we move again (inevitable in the next year) but yay! Thanks for the inspiration, it looks fantastic.

  2. Go you! I WISH T had liked his crib - we spent so much time decorating around it, but he just couldn't get into it (pun totally intended).

    Amazingly T has only twice gotten off his bed after sleeping by himself. Those two times were when we couldn't hear him crying for us to come get him. Its like a dog in his crate or something :)

  3. These are amazing! I always wanted a room like this!

  4. I love it! Is it a double bed? D is still in his crib (albeit with the fourth "wall" off, for access and egress) but I'm ready to get him out of it (b/c I'm BY G-D going to potty train him this year), and I'm casting about for workable solutions.

  5. It is actually a queen - we almost went with a double, but they were the same price and we figured the more bed the better (particularly when we usually end up in his bed at some point in the day).

    We're super happy with it this way!

  6. Love love the colors. Gorgeous! I might have to try two smaller wreaths to go on my old windows in my guest bedroom. medical technologies inc bothell wa