August 18, 2011

14 Months Old - T's Milestones

Dude used his first sentence this morning: "I eat"

Words he knows and uses independently:
Bottle (baht-ul)
Water (wawa)
Cheese (chhhhhese)
Meow (kitty sound)
Neigh (horse sound)

Dude climbs, runs, wants to be held (if mama's around), "reads" all the time, and is finally starting to DO what we say.

"Put this book over there" DONE
"Let's go see the kitties" he's by the door stat
"Let's go get some cheerios" he's sitting in front of the heater (what, isn't that where you eat breakfast? naked in front of the heater vent?)

He's out of his 18 month clothes and is popping out of the 2T stuff as well.
He switches arms when we're getting him dressed, has realized he can jump on the couch (not encouraging that one), and still steals toys from other kids.

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