August 17, 2011

A San Francisco Toddler Morning

On Saturday morning T was running around like crazy, the house was a mess, and I wanted some comfort. One of our favorite pre-baby restaurants had just re-opened (after an eco-friendly re-do) so we hopped in the car and drove to the ocean.

Just up the road, there's a park called Land's End, where I walked a lot when I was pregnant. The road is paved (which is easier for T to walk on) so we headed up the hill.

Our goal was to wear the boy out so he would crash when we got home.

Problem was, he only wanted to be carried and would grab onto my legs, looking up and whining as I tried to encourage him to walk.

So mama got her exercise for the day.

When we got up the path a little I sat down on the sidewalk and T finally agreed to explore a little.

We found some stairs to climb...

That ended up hurting his hands...

He climbed up his Daddy...but didn't want to be held, but didn't want to be down...

Seriously, kid! Make up your mind!

I ended up carrying him all the way back...we stopped at an estate sale, scored some lamps and do-dads, and he fell fast asleep the minute he hit his bed.

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  1. I love Lands End!! So beautiful.

    How delish is your little dude??