August 15, 2011

Organizing my knick knacks

I have a bud vase problem.

Part of the reason for the dark blue dining room in the first place was that I wanted to display my white bud vases, but as we got the house together, the display in the dining room got more and more full of junk and from my "office" with the view directly in there, I was getting annoyed.

Saturday morning I got up and started re-arranging. Its a transitional thing, so this isn't permanent, but it works for now and I'm so much happier.

The spikey flower vases and elephant vase are from yet another magical estate sale!

We went from this

To this


  1. Great use of the mirrors. Where'd you buy that lovely lighting fixture? The room looks lovely without the office junk, but do you have plans of repainting or refurbishing the display cabinet?

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  2. Thanks! The light fixture is from West Elm. It was a bear to put together, but we love it in there.

    For now, we're leaving the display as is. The quality of the pics is kinda poor, so it looks like its all beat up, but really its in pretty nice condition.