August 26, 2011

Painting Porcelin Lamps (and other ways to change the entire direction of your bedroom).

We found these for $20 each at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I loved the shape and we needed something bigger than what we had for our night stands.

The pearlescent and gold details were not my favorite.

So, I did a quick googleage figured out what I needed. I got to the hardware store and saw that they had nothing like what I went for. But being the impatient person I am (and squeezing projects in between baby naps), I bought the most poison spraypaint with primer for "all surfaces" and got to work.

(see my very professional paper towel and packing tape coverage of the metallic parts and cord?)

The Shades were still covered in plastic from 1962, so they are actually in fairly good shape (one is a bit more yellowed than the other.

After unwrapping and letting them dry, I brought them upstairs...

I love them. But they made me realize how much I don't like the rest of the room.

So...I went out and bought some paint.

In an hour, I had the whole wall done (I think accent walls are just excuses not to paint the whole room).

I love the paint color. I love the lamps, and I love my headboard. But I hate the turquoise and the rest of the room.

My Turquoise and yellow bedroom is going away.

Next nap - that headboard is getting painted white.

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