August 10, 2011

Craigslist Karma and the Estate Sale of Magicalness

On our way home from NOT picking up our sofa, we saw an estate sale sign. We furnished our last house almost completely from estate sales, so we try to stop in when we can. The house was AMAZING. It was a perfect time-warp from 1962.

After going through each room and asking if they were selling the fixtures (the entry light was FANTASTIC)...

This is what we got:

This pig ($2)

These mugs ($7) will be fantastic bud vases...and the tea set ($5) will either live in the dining room or with our other tea pots in the kitchen.

I had to have this lamp ($10). I am dying to paint the base white and do something with the shade. Not sure what yet because the textiles are a little intense in this room already.

...and this lamp ($5)

We did get a few more things - a teensy groovy rocking chair and a puppy light...but they are in the boy's room and he's sleeping :)

I think the score of the month was due to all of crappy experiences we've had with craigslist lately. We needed to rebuild faith in human kind - and we did.

Some old lady's junk is now our treasure.

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