August 3, 2011

Putting it all back together again

We had a whopper of a weekend.

Garage Sale
Water Heater Explosion
Cousin slumber party

7am: Park
8am: Spontaneous firetruck adventure
9:30: Streetcar ride to Golden Gate Park
10:30: Academy of Sciences member only hours for snakes, fish, and penguins
11:30: Burrito stop, streetcar ride, picnic in living room
12:30: Cousins departed

We have this problem where we find it very difficult to get anything done when Turner is home. The house can't get clean, the dishes can't get done, the laundry can't get folded.

The garage certainly can't get cleaned up.

After our garage sale, the plan was to restack all of our boxes and clean up the mess - instead, the water heater broke, so, now, on Wednesday, the garage is still full of boxes, the new room is full of random stuff, and the stairs leading to our flat are covered in cake plates, clothes, and lamps that need to come upstairs.

Today is the day - lunchtime today - Bubbs and I are packing it in and getting it all done.

Just wait.

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