August 18, 2011

The Bachelor Pad Design Team

My husband was joking the other night when he pointed to the white ceramic elephant on Bachelor Pad and said "they stole your elephant."

I brushed it off since EVERYONE has a white ceramic elephant these days.

Then we started paying closer attention.

Clip One:

My house:

Those curtains. When I first decided I wanted a large lattice white pattern on dark blue, I went to an amazing fabric store and asked for it. The saleswoman did a search and came up with EXACTLY the fabric they use on Bachelor Pad. It hadn't been distributed yet and I would have to wait four weeks and pay $52 a yard (and I needed 10 yards) I decided to try out spoonflower and make my own.

Clip Two:

My House:


Those curtains? They are the same pattern (different colors) as my bedroom curtains! The color in their curtains perfectly mirrors the turquoise and yellow color scheme in the bedroom!

Clip Three:

My House:

Now you can't really see it well in this clip, but the walls in Bachelor Pad? Painted blue. Just like my house. The decor/ knick knacks? White - against the deep blue. Just like my house.

Not that I watch Bachelor Pad or anything. Especially not with my hubbs.


  1. Do you know the pattern or manufacturer of clip#2 fabric?

  2. If you do a google search for "wide premier prints suzani" you can find a bunch of different colors.

    Good luck!