August 12, 2011

Our Gymboree Adventure

Since we live in a small flat and our closest playground is being torn down for the next year (to be built up again very soon), our insane-energy-filled-monster-boy needs an outlet on these foggy San Francisco nights.

I looked up baby gyms but the majority have classes only during the day. I get that the majority of parents need it during the day, but everything in this city for kids closes at 5...and we NEED some evening activities.

Gymboree had one class on Friday nights at 6:30. Your first class is free, so we signed up and went.

Crowds make me a little insane. My head starts buzzing and I just can't handle it. T's also such a little wildman he tends to knock over other kids his size, steal their toys, and pull their hair. So I end up stressed out.

Gymboree was amazing. There was enough for him to DO that he didn't really mess with the other kids. It got SUPER crowded. There may have been 15-20 kids there. But it was great. He was totally the craziest and most mobile kid there, but it didn't stress me out.

The price is STEEP. Way more than a yoga class ($75 a month for one class a week). But it might just save our sanity on Friday nights.

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