August 14, 2011

Green Chili Strata OR How to make a brunch item that is easy, full of fat, and delicious.

Last year on New Years Day we had a baby brunch. Since we (and most of our baby friends) couldn't go out on New Years Eve, we decided to have a little party.

I had read in the Times (I think) about Stratas, and having never heard of them, I found a couple on epicurious (my go to recipe stop).

The stratas were a huge hit.

This morning we're heading to a birthday brunch with some vegetarians, so I decided to recreate the Green Chili & Chorizo Strata.

The last one was was WAY too spicy. This time I subbed the pepper jack for regular jack cheese and used soyrizo again (instead of regular chorizo).

We'll see if it solves the problem...

I purposefully put off posting this until I could take a picture when it got out of the oven.

It's now totally gone. It was fantastic.

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