August 9, 2011

Another craigslist letdown.

Twice, I've gone to pick up sofas (one manstad and one kivik sofabed) and by the time I get there, they've sold it to someone else.

This is bad craigslist etiquette, people.

I am clear in my email that I am coming to buy it, sight unseen, and have gotten babysitters and trucks lined up. Driving across San Francisco can take 40 minutes and I was not a happy camper when I got there to find that my sofas were already sold.

When I found the Manstad mentioned below, I actually said in my email:

"Would you hold it for us until then (the next day)? I've scheduled pick ups for sofas twice in the last two weeks and they sell them before I arrive!"

She said sure.

So, I called a guy on craigslist with a truck, canceled plans for the next day, and we set off to go get it. When we arrived at her house, there was a truck in the driveway with our sofa in it. The delivery guy was really nice and refused our money we offered for his time. The woman was really apologetic. But I was done chasing cheap sofas.

We got home.

We got online.

We ordered a Kivik in the color we wanted to be delivered a week later.

And then...our craigslist Karma got back to us...and we stopped at an estate sale on the way home...

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