August 7, 2011

Manstad Sofa from Craigslist

We're buying a manstad sofa this morning from craigslist. $100 bucks.

I'm thrilled and just ordered my fabric samples from I love the Manstad look, but I can't STAND the color fabric our $100 sofa ends up being a $500 sofa - but it will look awesome.

Cousins came over for some wrestling yesterday - the rubber floor and home depot rugs worked for them...but mama doesn't like the color - so back they go!


  1. I'm also stucked with an old Manstad.
    Comfort-works seems a wonderful solution to get an awesome look for that old thing.
    Have you received your cover ?
    Could you let us know (and maybe see) how it looks like once done ?

  2. Sadly, Celine, we never got the Manstad. The folks who were selling it ended up giving it to someone else (as we arrived with a mover, too)!

    I did get my fabric samples from ComfortWorks and they were GREAT! We ended up buying a kivik with a foot rest. If you get one I wanna see!

  3. Aww Gigi! Too bad about the Manstad. However, the Kiviks are very comfortable and have very generous sitting as well. How did your slipcovers go?

    Oh! Celine, feel free to check out pictures of our Manstad ( We have slipcovers available in leather, cotton and even a loose-fit linen version if you do not want to take the whole couch apart. And remember to order our free fabric samples ;)

    Happy Holidays to both of you.
    Ben from Comfort Works