May 17, 2011

Turquoise & Yellow Bedroom

We've had some major hiccups along the way to getting our bedroom the way it should be.

Our furniture from our old house just wasn't working together (same size room, different door placement).

Plus, since we lost an office/music room in the last move it sort of became the stashing place for all things I didn't want in other parts of the house.

exhibit A: all the art, furniture, and "stuff" that doesn't fit anywhere else. Luckily, this has been remedied.

Horrible, disgusting, broken purple blinds that were a first thing to come down.

Yellow inspiration fabric. Purchased on etsy for 7.50 a yard!

Inspiration art from ebay.

Halfway there with the room. The guitars are now hiding in my closet until we get a music room built. The goal is to paint the base of the lamps with turquoise paint.

The armoir in the corner is the great traveling armoir that can't seem to find a permanent home -but it works there for now. It holds all the office stuff for both of us.

The dresser had ALL of our framed pics for awhile, but they have since been scattered around the house (I'm still not happy with where they are and they might end up finding alternative frames to be hung).

That groovy tall dresser is an awesome craigslist find (and where Tim keeps his clothes). $55 bucks.

I can't figure out what color I want to paint - I'm kinda obsessed with grey, but I feel like everyone's doing grey and I don't wanna be a copycat :)

Slowly but surely...

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