May 3, 2011

Re Hiding the TV in the expedit

So my original try at hiding the TV worked for awhile, but it didn't open well enough to see the sides of the TV and got pretty wrinkled. Plus, the baby realized that if he pulled hard enough on the tension rod, the entire thing would excitedly come crashing down!

(the original look - actually looked great on day 1, but went downhill from there)

So, I went back to my original idea (that Tim hated at the time) to just velcro the cover onto the expedit.

I got out my handy dandy iron on hem, took down the cover and got to work.

I put stick on velcro on the four corners of the expedit.

Rehemmed the fabric so it would be an exact fit (did a pretty sloppy job at this).

Iron on hemmed the other side of the velcro to the four corners of the fabric...and voila!

It was super easy - and it looks great. Plus, if the boy undoes ONE corner, the whole thing doesn't come down.

I still don't think its a permanent solution - but it works for now.

I'd like to find other fabric - this new way of hanging it would work better with one piece of fabric, not two (I cut the fabric in two because of the way the original one was supposed to work).

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