May 17, 2011

Thrift Store SCORES!

Back when Tim and I were just us and fancy free we loved to thrift store shop.

We would travel to the magical world of Vallejo and go to their magical thrift shops (if you aren't from the Bay Area, note that Vallejo - the town- just filed bankruptcy ). We would make weekly trips to our local Salvation Army Family Store looking for furniture, trinkets, and hats for Tim.

My entire first studio apartment was furnished from the Family Store and it looked pretty damn good. Our last place had a few things, but ever since we had the baby we haven't been able to spend the time we used to.

Saturday - we did it. We put the baby in the car and we headed out to the store of musty smells, awkward sales people, and stained curtains. We were trying to find a large piece of art to go above our couch, but $100 and four decorative pieces later, we came home with everything but that:

This amazing piece is textured. That's real sand under the boat. It was listed for $60, but we asked the sales person if we could get a discount and we got it for thirty bucks. Still a hefty price for the Salvation Army, but we love it and Turner "ooooohhhh"s when he looks at it.

This amazing piece of folk art was definitly lovingly created by a real person in the 60's. That bird, I know its difficult to see, is 3D. It sticks out and is STUFFED. Another magical piece. $25 buckaroos.

This fruit bowl is going to take the place of our green porcelain salad bowl that is currently holding our fruit. In our move I made Tim give away his collection of over 40 wooden bowls (since our new place has WAY less storage) and I hate to admit it, but we probably should have saved some. Price? $7.

Of all of our finds, this cow is Turner's favorite (above the door - see it?). It kinda makes the kitchen. He came with a red leather collar - but that went in the trash.

It was in the "boutique" for $12.50, but when we got to the register, the cashier let us know that it was on sale for $9! He also tried to convince us to drill holes in the cow's nose, add a ring, and mount it on our front door as a knocker.

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