May 4, 2011

Pre Baby Decorating

Our last house (rented and pre-babe) was all white, brown, grey, and mellow. We had more than enough room and beautiful views of trees out the back (the presidio) and Golden Gate park out the front (plus an amazing people watching view of Safeway).

(that's an early pregnancy nap you see - but notice the white everywhere, those baby head bashing hard wood sofas, and beautiful views)

(see that amazing cozy fantastic window seat? Yup - instant baby death with windows that don't lock on the third floor).

(our view of trees and sky out the back window)


(pre mobile baby - will we ever have a christmas tree again?)

Occasionally, when I'm in thrift stores or surfing craigslist, I come across something that would work beautifully in our old house and I miss it. I miss the calm and the clean. I miss the views and how close we were to museums and the aquarium.

But - I actually think our kinda crazy eclectic house is a little more reflective of us - and I like it that way.

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