May 20, 2011

Chandelier is UP!

It only took us four hours to completely hang it, but it completely changes the dining room and finally breaks up that super dark blue a bit. We love love love it.

There were three layers of these glass links

this was the mess that came out of the other box

This was when we had to untangle someone else's bad assembly job.

The bag of screws was open, no instructions, and everything was a tangled mess.

But mama fixed it :)

After I finally convinced him to turn off the power...

carefully unhooking the old fixture (and by old, I mean like 50 years old)

see what I mean?

yeah - we're not keeping that.

almost there

Imagine The Real Housewives of Orange County on and me surrounded by hundreds of glass links...


The finished product

We're so happy with how it looks and despite the frustration and hours more it took us to assemble it, I called West Elm and they gave us 20% of the purchase price back to our card - which is fantastic.

While at West Elm, I stopped in at Ikea to get these:
We'll be making shelves on that back wall with these and reclaimed wood for displays for my insanely large and totally unnecessary collection of bud vases.

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