April 29, 2011

Proud attachment parents

I say this with the disclaimer that all of what I am about to say could also just be my baby's personality. I am SO not judging, but I feel so proud of what we've done.

Attachment parenting is HARD work. Especially for the mama. Feeding on demand, waking up for every cry and comforting, being aware and listening to his every move. I also realize that its just not possible for some people and that in order to save themselves, they have to choose other styles.

This morning when I realized that we are pacifier free without any work, dude's sleeping through the night without crying, and happy and healthy - I finally feel like it is all worth it.

There were weeks when I would feel like I was going to crack after all night nursing sessions, working, and dealing with cold after cold.

But we powered through and I feel like our relationship is solid and dude's paci free!

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